Why Organics... Why not Organics?

Having and bringing up a child is becoming an ever increasing battle for parents of today. Increasing pressure for better education and financial security have led to current trends in marriages at adult age over 30’s and into the early forties.

Whilst contemporary life situations may have changed dramatically, the human body does not and this has led to decline in fertility rates and also associated complications in childbirth for women in more advanced years especially those over 40. In most developed and developing nations families are smaller and mothers are faced with increasing pressure from work and child caring.

Most young parents are time deficient and facing ever increasing demand on bringing up their child with not only food and shelter but extracurricular development such as music & dancing lessons, sports & recreational activities etc. Today’s family is a mix of fast foods and misguided hygiene practices derived from saturated TV commercials of “Super Powered” house cleaners which are supposed to kill everything in sight.

Despite all the modern Science & Technology our children especially babies are showing increasing level of medical problems such as food allergies, asthma and eczema. Like the overuse of antibiotics which has led to the generation of highly resistant superbugs recent research have revealed that the excessive use of toxic chemical preservatives have led to the destruction of the many good bacteria in our body. These good bacteria are there to protect us and we have instead intentionally or unintentionally killed them off.

TV –Radio advertising propaganda have brainwashed many of us thinking more dangerous chemical is good for our health-the total opposite to what the human should be facing. Many body hygiene products are laden with chemicals dangerous to the human body especially those of the fast growing babies and young children. Two such chemicals still commonly used are parabens (preservatives) which may cause breast cancer and adversely affect male sterility and sodium laurel sulphate (SLS or SLES) a detergent which caused skin thinning – a primary potential cause for eczema. Parabens are now banned in the EU.

Why Organics? The question should perhaps be Why Not Organics? Certified Organics merely offer consumers a chance to consume a product free of the adverse chemicals used in literally all processed food and body hygiene products. There is nothing special about Organics –bit merely offers wholesome standards our great grandparents used to take for granted...

  • No aggressive chemicals
  • No petrochemicals
  • No harmful chemical preservatives
  • No GM modified ingredient and free of chemical dyes & fragrances which may cause undesired reactions from the body

A Certified Organic product with Government endorsed accreditation is an assurance that the product is free of dangerous chemical agents.

So……. Why Not Organics? Our Health is Priceless The Cherub Rubs Organic objective is “Healthy Bodies Happy Family”.

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